An Appreciation Of Car Audio

When I was a teenager, I used to hate it when other people would drive down the street while blasting their car speakers. Most people my age were into this kind of thing, and when they got their first car, they showed off their speakers as much as possible. I couldn't stand it, especially in the morning and late at night when I wanted to sleep. Now that I'm much older, I've actually become interested in making my car audio Austin sound louder. My wife considers it to be an early midlife crisis, but I think it's just me coming to my senses.


I asked some of the guys who work at the local auto parts shop what kinds of hardware they have in their cars, and they mentioned all kinds of things that I have never heard of before.


Their technical talk was lost on a layman like me, so they had to break it down. We started with the subwoofers, which would give me a bigger bass sound. We chose a woven fiber variety with foam surrounded by a nylon stitching to get a sound with as little distortion as possible. The first test of the subwoofers made by car sound like a mini earthquake.

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